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Actor, Artist, and CEO of HeDreams LLC.

From the age of 7, Devante was always artistically inclined. He loved music, acting, writing, sports, and all forms of art. He formed a music group with his 2 cousins as kids and made music well into their teenaged years where he both sang, rapped, helped vocally train the group, and choreographed. He would also create music videos for his siblings as a hobby while his mother worked 3rd shifts to support their family to distract them from the poverty they lived in until he realized he really loved the arts and wanted to pursue it as a career.

Devante comes from African American, Mexican, and Creole/European family roots and identifies himself a Black Man.

Growing up in Michigan between the Tri-Cities-Detroit. Devante was exposed to many life changing circumstances at an early age which forced him to grow up and develop resilience quickly as the eldest of 8 children between both parents although he was raised in a single parent household along with the support of his latino side of the family with which he was heavily influenced by. Coming from a family that spoke a mixture of English/Spanish (Spanglish) as well as being taught Spanish in school since pre-school, Devante is sufficiently Bi-Lingual. He also learned French in 6th grade, dances hiphop, Cumbia, and is also trained in Argentine Tango!



Devante possesses a B.A. in Psychology from Johnson C, Smith University in Charlotte, North Carolina where he prided himself on having 20 credits, a part time job at Express, an Internship with the Upward Bound Program, Senior Research Project, Lead Psychology club in his major, and did not have a car. He also acted in theater and began as a background actor in Atlanta on Netflix productions such as Nappily Ever After, Uncle Drew, & Vampire Diaries.

Devante also was as a Promotional Model with brands such as BET, FOX SPORTS, TROJAN, TED BAKER, VERIZON, SPRINT, SPOKEHUB, CELSIUS, and also walked light runway modeling.

Devante has worked as an Indie Actor and in film production shooting short/indie films as a boom operator, producer, writer, director, gaffer, AC, Script Supervisor, and most recently as a production assistant (PA) on the hit series P-VALLEY created by Katori Hall and 50 Cent's  BLACK MAFIA FAMILY (BMF) on STARZ and plans to continue his career as an actor, evolving artist, and entrepreneur!

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